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The iAspire Foundation Kenya, based in Nakuru, was established for the sole purpose of providing nurturing care and support for children who are homeless or living with a family who are unable to provide for them. Our goal is to make the children feel loved and nurtured, and to support each child to reach their maximum potential and to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.


The following services are provided by iAspire Foundation Kenya:


  • Care and support through assessment and social support.

  • Health and medical support.

  • Educational sponsorship.

  • Food and nutrition support through food crop production and the provision of well-balanced diets for the children.

  • Provision of safety and security.

  • Reunion and reintegration programmes for children and families.


We are currently working with partner organisations who rescue children from trafficking and modern slavery. It is heartbreaking to learn of the prevalence of child slavery and sex trafficking in the world, and our hope is to make the iAspire Foundation Kenya a safe haven for children who are rescued from these situations.


Sadly, many of our children have experienced one or more forms of abuse in the past. We provide safety and security to protect them from those who might otherwise seek to abuse them.


Whether a child is homeless or living with a family who are unable to provide for them, we support them through our medical insurance scheme which makes it possible for our children to receive regular medical and dental checkups.


All our children attend school daily – we provide their fees, uniforms, books, literature, and all other requirements. We also provide additional tutoring and support for those children who need a little extra educational support.


Every child needs to feel nurtured and supported. We provide an atmosphere where children can connect, play, laugh and know that they are cared for by the iAspire Foundation Kenya family. Our Housemother Loice and her staff team plan regular outings with the children which include swimming, painting, educational trips, or just going into Nakuru town for an ice cream.

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