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Our services provide Local Authorities with high levels of reassurance that the services are safe, well-resourced and supported by a staff team of the highest calibre and qualification. Our experience of employing high calibre staff teams ensure that tasks get done safely, quickly, thoroughly, and accurately. The staff team is more confident about what they are doing, so their time is used much more efficiently to deliver lasting change for the young people we are working with.


Our accomodation varies in size, and all comprise of a fully fitted kitchen, living area, bathrooms, toilets, staff room, and garden. Each bedroom has a fridge, single bed, wardrobe, chest of draws, bedside cabinet along with a desk and chair.

Every provision has a hard wired CCTV system, with cameras in all internal and external communal areas this can be monitored on site and remotely by senior management. There is also a fully hardwired fire and smoke detection system along with emergency lighting system. Free wifi is available throughout all the provisions too


All our young people have the chance to prepare themselves to get ready for work and training, while they are living within our provisions.

We believe in the statement ‘’More training opportunities creates more job opportunities’’. We encourage our young people into education or employment and support them throughout.
All our provisions are located near some form of college or learning centres to enable our young people to attend on a regular basis to enhance their prospects for the future.


We work towards achieving the desired outcomes for our young people by engaging them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will be achieved by using the Outcome Star during the young person’s key working sessions. These will cover the 5 core outcome categories of Every Child Matters.
The Outcomes Star brings unique benefits by measuring the factors that really matter in a young person’s life. This monitors the starting point for a young person and focuses on the progression and regression that are made. The Outcomes Star is monitored on a quarterly basis or sooner if required.

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